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American Jazz, English Tudors, a Bag Full of Buttons & Napoléon… Marching Through Paris

23 June 2015

Napoléon & Paris Exhibition – Musee Carnavalet

Until 30th August 2015

One of the most complex and interesting historic figures of the last millennium, the two time Emperor of France left behind an extensive international legacy. This latest exhibition focusses on his relationship with the city of Paris, the main centre of his political power and global empire.

This exhibition shines light on the intricacies of this relationship: from his part in supressing the Paris mobs as a young officer, to his rapid rise through the ranks… through to the political power he wielded from his court at the Tuileries Palace.

An astonishing relationship, evocatively presented.

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Tudors' Exhibition - Musée du Luxembourg

Until 19th July 2015

Reigning from 1485 – 1603, the Tudor dynasty stakes a claim as being one of the most influential – and historically significant – royal lines in the world.

This exhibition, the first of its kind in France, has been produced in conjunction with the National Portrait Gallery in London and examines the Tudors’ from both political and personal perspectives.

From the reformation, to the embracing of the Renaissance, to their importance on the European and world stage, this carefully curated event provides powerful insights and a wealth of fine art to provide an intimate picture of a unique time.

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Déboutonner la Mode - Les Arts Décoratifs

Until 19th July 2015

An eclectic – never before seen collection – of over 3000 unique buttons designed and produced by a range of leading couturiers, including: Paul Poiret, Elsa Schiaparelli, Christian Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier and Patrick Kelly. The collection also features a selection of male and female garments… as well as a range of intricately designed accessories.

Originally purchased and put together in 2012, the collection has been classified as a Work of Major Heritage by the Consultative Commission on National Treasures.

The items on display date from the 18th – 20th century and incorporate a mix of priceless materials and highly prized artisanal craftsmanship… a combination that makes these buttons both highly desirable pieces of objets d’art and intrinsically valuable.

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American Jazz Festiv'Halles – Sunset Sunside Jazz Club

1st July – 19th August 2015

Now in its 24th year, the American Jazz Festiv'Halles offers a showcase of classic and contemporary performances spread out over 50 glorious days of jazz.

This huge festival welcomes concerts from a wide range of stalwarts, including: Harold Mabern, Denise King and Tony Match, Sara Lazarus, Kurt Rosenwinkel and Azar Lawrence.

Audiences will be treated to a taste of the old school, a taste of the new school… and every eclectic, free-forming in-between school you can imagine.

A must for lovers of jazz and great music alike.

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