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What’s on in Paris in February?

27 January 2016

Enjoy Two Leading Exhibitions for a Cultural Adventure in the French Capital

Those who say winter is dreary have never stepped foot in Paris during this season. In February, the City of Light is offering a varied cultural program that could brighten (and warm up) any grey day. If you want a break from the chilly, cobbled streets of the French capital, you can find shelter in its famous museums instead. You’ll discover five centuries of Korean painting at the Musée des Arts Asiatiques Guimet, and the history of iconic fashion house Louis Vuitton at the Grand Palais.

Whether you’d rather explore the wide, curved corridors of the Musée Guimet, or walk under the glass and steel roof of the Grand Palais, we guarantee your urge for art will be satisfied by these two exceptional exhibitions.

Les Tigres de Papier at the Musée Guimet

When entering this Ancient Greek style building, you’ll feel stunned by the clarity and immensity of its white interiors. Until February 22nd, these immaculate spaces are welcoming Les Tigres de Papier; hundreds of Korean paintings that relate the history of their original country – and show you how culturally wealthy it really is.

Imagine a huge dragon fiercely emerging out of the clouds, lighting up a grey sky with vivid shades of green, gold and red. Envision a valley of flourishing pastures where trees are red and grass is blue. Picture a family dressed in traditional costumes, walking in a black forest covered in white snow. These are just some of the artistic treasures you’ll explore at the museum…

Sometimes colourful and bright, sometimes discrete and minimalist, the creations presented at the Musée des Arts Asiatiques Guimet tell many stories from popular folk tales, to religious ceremonies, and beliefs of a society mixed with simple moments of daily life…

Through this journey from 14th century to early 20th, the Parisian museum is taking you back to a captivating time when humour and poetry were king. This vast presentation honours the 130th anniversary of diplomatic relations between France and Korea, and celebrates the diversity of this nation’s art.

Volez, voguez, voyagez, Louis Vuitton at the Grand Palais

In 1900, when the Grand Palais opened its doors to the World’s Fair, one of the many stalls competing in the event caught visitors’ attention: Georges Vuitton’s carousel-shaped corner, and his beautiful leather goods. Louis Vuitton’s son was aiming to promote the house’s craftsmanship – a now world-renowned quality.

Today, the Parisian monument and the French maison de couture meet again for an enchanting journey spread out across nine rooms, tracing the spectacular evolution and fascinating history of the fashion house.

The wood-panelled corridors, built for the occasion, will take you to different scenes through which the label’s legendary trunk is used as a common thread. The monogrammed suitcase is placed on the wings of a 1920s plane, set on the deck of a boat or laid out as a tea table and benches in desert scenery – this highlights the brand’s passion for travel, longevity and versatility.

You’ll also explore an exclusive family tree that will teach you all about those who made Louis Vuitton’s past and those who will make its future… An archival exhibition, “Volez, voguez, voyagez” honours LV’s humble heritage as well as the luxury label it has become.

From France’s fashion legacy to Korea’s art wonders, this month’s program is sure to conquer visitors’ hearts – helping you get the most out of your five-star stay at Hotel Vigny in the most artistic of ways.

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