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Luxury Hotel de Vigny and the Vendanges de Montmartre 2011

15 September 2011

Vendanges de Montmartre 2011: A Unique Vineyard Harvest in the Depths of Urban Paris

The Montmartre wine festival springs to life in the 18th arrondissment every year under the shadow of the white domed Basilica of the Sacre Coeur. It is a spectacle quite unlike any other harvest festival in the world.

Located in Rue Saint-Vincent, this small vineyard produces over 500 litres of quality wine every year... and this unusual tradition of urban wine production - in a city already dripping with culture - is a glistening example of Parisian culture during the changing of the seasons.

Dancing in the Streets... Drinking Wine in the Sun

The harvest festival commences early in the day with musical performances, street theatre and storytelling... before a pilgrimage to Montmartre cemetery is undertaken for readings and remembrance. From there people flood the streets with a carefree air of celebration and joy.

Stalls spring to life and sell delicate Parisian street food, while the local wine flows in abundance. There are tastings galore, contests a plenty, parades, dancing... and a community spirit rarely seen in the centre of any metropolis.

Join the Revelry... and Stay at Luxury Hotel de Vigny

The event is not complete until the dancing display of fireworks are crowning the night sky... which rather than signalling the end of the evening... often lead to more food, wine and an array of celebrations that continue deep into the night.

Such an event does not take place anywhere else in the world... and the vineyard at Montmartre - perhaps one of the only urban vineyards to produce grapes and wine of such quality - deserves to be seen.

If you're thinking of joining us at this unique event - and visiting the majesty of Paris during the changing of the seasons - why not take advantage of our seasonal special offers at the deluxe Hotel de Vigny.

Paris has never looked so beautiful.

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